​​Fly HiFi

Pioneer SX-1980

270WPC Monster Receiver

  • Partial Recap
  • Excellent Serviced Original Condition
  • Single Owner Unit
  • Original Manual

1. All voltages restored to factory spec.
- Bias set
- DC Offset calibrated
-Power amp adjusted

2. Tuner aligned
- FM muting adjusted
- Stereo sensitivity adjusted
- Signal strength meter adjusted

3. Lamps
- All dial lamps replaced with warm white LEDs. Incandescent lamps optional
- Speaker and Selector lamps replaced with 8v incandescent lamps

4. Cleaning
- All pots, switches, inputs and relays have been flushed with high grade electronics cleaner, air
compressed, and lubed with Deoxit Gold G5.
- All boards cleaned

5. Polishing
- Faceplate and all knobs removed and individually polished

6. Refinishing
- Wood cabinet and trim have been stained (Original condition - not lacquered or varnished)
- All wood has been treated and oiled