Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or just starting your vinyl collection, you know that mainstream digital products can't reproduce the sound a vintage high fidelity system offers.

At Fly Hifi, we preserve stereo units from an era when aggressive competition in the market produced affordable, quality products no longer readily available to the public.

We encourage buyers to audition our serviced units before purchase, and offer a post-sale warranty to guarantee satisfaction.

Fly HiFi buys, sells and trades stereo items, offering fully serviced products guaranteed working and always accurately described.

We encourage our customers to propose trades for our items, as well as to share any items they may have for sale.

All reasonable offers will be considered as we strive to collect, restore, and provide the best hifi stereo products that yesteryear had to offer.

Yesterday's Sound, Today.


Buy, Sell, Trade Vintage Stereo


​​Fly HiFi